Beautiful Smiles for Children and Adults

We create beautiful smiles that change lives.


The value of a smile.

Confidence that changes the game.

Studies show that a beautiful, straight smile can provide a dramatic increase in confidence. More confidence, more success. More success, more confidence.

A healthy smile lasts a lifetime.

A good bite and straight teeth are easier to clean and wear much less over time. Both of these can lead to a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Finally look as good as you feel.

People of any age want to look in the mirror and love what they see. You eat right, you exercise. You take care of yourself and your children. Give yourself and your children the gift that lasts a lifetime…a beautiful, healthy smile.


What is an "orthodontist"?

An orthodontist is a dental "specialist".

Like the Navy SEAL’s or the Army Rangers, orthodontists are highly trained dentists who limit their practice to the correction and prevention of bite and tooth alignment problems in children and adults.

All orthodontists are dentists, NOT all dentists are orthodontists. An orthodontist has completed 2 to 3 MORE years of education beyond Dental School. Specifically studying the growth and development face and jaws and often earning a Master’s Degree in the process. (that’s what the “MSD” is after Dr. N’s name)


Meet Dr. Michiel Nuveen

Born For This.

Dr . Nuveen is a second generation Orthodontist, husband to the most beautiful lady on the planet and proud father of 3 awesome young men. One of whom is in his Orthodontic Residency! 👍📚

He has practiced Orthodontics for over 20 years and has helped over 5,000 people change their lives. His results speak for themselves.

You can trust his experience, ethics and character as he guides you along in your journey to a new you.


Who is orthodontics for?

Are you interested in reaching your true potential?

Yes? Then orthodontics is for you. They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts right? I totally agree. Orthodontics has the potential to change people’s lives and help people on the outside see what goodness is on the inside! We are happy to be a part of that amazing transformation!

From Grandmas to Grandsons and 6 to 70, we’ve helped people of ALL ages have the confidence to succeed!


What we do at Smiles Inc.

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Clear Aligners,
Braces and
Smile Whitening.
Oh My!

Whether you’re a parent who wants to give their child an advantage or an adult who can finally afford to invest in themselves, Smiles Inc. can help.


What are people saying
about Smiles Inc?

"Dr. Nuveen and his team were wonderful! They are always pleasant and gave our son a smile to succeed!"

Tanya Schmidt
Fargo, ND
"The team at Smiles Inc. in Grand Forks is AWESOME! I couldn't be more happy with my experience. They went above and beyond for me to ensure I got the best care possible! Thank you all! :)"

Emily Spicer
Grand Forks, ND
"Dr. Nuveen, Devon, and all the staff were wonderful for my 16 months of treatment. I was always able to get an appointment when I needed one and they always worked with my schedule. The results are fantastic and even finished two months ahead of schedule! Definitely recommend."

Nicole Anderson
Moorhead, MN
"We love Smiles Inc. No better investment than your child's smile and with 5 kids, we love the family plan!"

Beth Demmons
West Fargo, ND

What to do next?

3 Steps to your Smile Transformation

1. Smile Consult

Schedule a FREE SMILE consult to see what we can do for you. 

2. Custom Plan

Get a customized treatment plan for your unique needs and desires.

3. Execute the Plan

Let us guide you through your treatment plan and deliver your beautiful new smile.


Have a question? We've got answers.


Most frequent questions and answers

No. You do not need to be referred by your dentist. However, we do need clean, healthy teeth to start any orthodontic treatment. So if you haven’t had a recent cleaning and checkup with your dentist, please get that done first. 

Of course. Millions of adults get braces every year and approximately 1 in 4 of our patients are adults. We have even treated patients in their 70’s! You’re never “too” old!

We have found the best age to bring your child in for their first orthodontic check is around 8 years old. Usually when they are in second or third grade. We don’t recommend treatment for all children we see for sure, but we like to make sure the teeth and bite are developing normally and can recommend any appropriate treatment at a later date. 

Yes, completely free. We will also take any necessary xrays at no charge. 

Invisalign was originally designed for, and by, patients that had already had braces and were just seeing a little movement of their teeth. While many patients will have the option of Invisalign, significant bite problems often require braces to correct.

Now that’s a tough question. Without seeing your smile and getting to know your goals, it’s impossible to give you a figure. We can say that braces for your upper and lower teeth can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500.

We accept a variety of insurance benefits from many Insurance providers. To get more information just click the “Chat Now” button in the lower right corner of this site. 

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